សួស្តីអតិថិជន ការប្តូរលុយគឺចំណាយពេលតែ 2-15នាទីប៉ុណ្ណោះ ( មានគ្រុបតេឡរក្រាម) Camchanger មានទទួលលុយចូលរួមវិនិយោគផងដែរមានកុងត្រាតែត្រូវទំនាក់ទំនង Admin ជាមុនចំពោះការវិនិយោគ ( គ្រុបតេឡេក្រាម) សូមអរគុណ! Dear Valued customer, the processing time of exchange is 2-15 mins only, Camchamger also acceptes investment from customers with legal contract , please contact admin first for more information ( Telegram groups), thanks !
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Exchange Rate: 1 USD = USD

** Minimum amount 10 USD
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ID: NSE8YQNZDAOSMIL Send: 14 USD Receive: 13.3 USD Canceled
ID: O61YRYEQRVHY6DN Send: 58 USD Receive: 55.1 USD Canceled
ID: G34XTJVCVZ8EDWN Send: 70 USD Receive: 66.5 USD Canceled

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